Dog DNA Test Reviews: Discover what your Mighty Mutt is Made of!


Hello all! I will be reviewing two of the top dog DNA test kits! The advanced technology and research both DNA tests use, as well as the customer reviews and feedback are why I consider them the top two best kits to discover what your mighty mutt is made of!

Product: Wisdom Panel Health                  Product: Embark  Health           

 Price: $149.99                                      Price: $189.99

Cheapest Place to Buy: (both)

Customer Rank: 4.1/5                      Customer Rank: 4.6/5

Results ETA: ~2-3 weeks                 Results ETA: ~2-4 weeks

Mighty Mutt!

Why do I Need to Know?

I would say MOST are very eager and curious to get more insight into their pups breed, behavior and possible health conditions; while others,(like me) enjoy a good ole mutt and all the surprises they come with! That was my mind set until recently. I have never worried much about the aesthetics of my pup, like how big she will get or what she may look like as an adult. I knew I would love her either way.

Once I started researching these products and saw that the advanced technology they were using can now tell you even more about your precious mutts health; my mind really started to open up. I thought about how much I love my pups, then thought… WHY would I NOT want to help them live longer by knowing what they are prone to!? The question sounded so silly when I said it out loud.

This peaked my interest; then the research began! Here are some facts and insights I have gathered about each product.

Wisdom Panel Health

  • Pros:
    • Genetic health screening
    • Easy to use (cheek swab sample needed)
    • Screens for 150+ diseases covering 16 major body systems
    • Recognizes 350+ breeds
    • Gives family tree from 3 generations
    • Discount code for family/friends (purchase required)
    • Results reviewed by third-party specialists and canine geneticists
  • Cons:
    • Foreign breeds originating from regions other than U.S.A., Canada, East and West Europe are not well represented in this panel

Embark Health

  • Pros:  
    • Genetic health screening
    • Easy to use (cheek swab sample needed)
    • Screens for 165+ diseases
    • Recognizes 250+ breeds (Including wolves and coyotes)
    • Gives family tree from 3 generations
    • Finds relatives of your pup in their internal system, giving you the % that they are related
    • Has an internal messaging system to contact relatives (with owners permission)
    • Developed by Doctor Adam Boyko, lead geneticist and professor at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Cons:
    • Increased price compared to others (None include all the pros Embark does)

The Comparison: Wisdom Panel Health vs. Embark!

While conducting my research, I found that these two tests are quite similar; both in information, customer reviews and customer satisfaction. The average of customer reviews for both Embark and Wisdom Panel Health describe them as being efficient and accurate with their results as well as highly detailed. All of which I would consider important.

Looking at Embarks dog DNA test, you can see that they screen for more diseases than the Wisdom Panel Health but you can also see that they do not recognize as many breeds as the Wisdom Panel Health. Both companies have amazing scientific research and results to validate their dog DNA tests.

Wisdom Panel Health used to be known as Mars Veterinary and they have research dating all the way back to the year 1999. They continue to grow their database with each dog tested thus continuously making it more accurate and able to do further in depth testing of our mighty mutts and their background.

Embark was developed by the lead geneticist at Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and continues to be supported by the program and its consistent progress in science and medicine improving what we are able to discover about our pups.

So, while we are discovering what our mighty mutts are made of, we aid in providing more information for research that could lead to even more breakthroughs in veterinary medicine and the medical industry as a whole.

So, Who is #1?

Well… that is for you to decide!

Both dog DNA tests have incredible pros and make me want to learn so much about my mutt, while neither really have major cons for the majority of dog owners. Unless you have a very foreign breed where the Wisdom Panel Health does not recognize it, the con is very minor.

Although Embarks’ con is an increased price, which of course can make a difference; I did learn that everything, including shipping to and from the lab with your samples and kit are covered under this one price. I cannot say the same for Wisdom Panel Health, as I could not find the answer either way (Comments appreciated if any of my readers do know the answer to this!)

As customers review them and critique them about very similar traits and ability I have a difficult time trying to place one above the other. Lots of customer reviews involved the owner actually buying both dog DNA test kits to compare, even then there were many that were not able to choose #1 either. Eventually I will test my mutt as I have become increasingly interested in her breed, health and background.

Personally, I would choose Embarks test first, if I did not fully trust the results I would then try the Wisdom Panel Health. I would have to say that my biased opinion mainly comes from working in a veterinary clinic and knowing how important science is. I love the science behind Embark more because it is more recent information and continuously growing.

If any of my readers have tried either one or both please do not hesitate to leave comments about your experiences and even your opinion on who would rank #1!

As always thank you for reading and have a super day with your Mighty Mutts!

Alisha <3

8 thoughts on “Dog DNA Test Reviews: Discover what your Mighty Mutt is Made of!”

  1. Kohl says:

    This seems like a pretty cool tool! I have a purebred German Shepard myself, and although we know she is purebred, it would be cool to see where her ancestors are from. Does this test allow you to see past generations of your dogs family? Thanks for the great article, and this seems like an awesome tool!

    1. admin says:

      I think that is a great idea, some people are amazed by the results of their purebreds. Yes, both tests go back 3 generations, the Embark DNA test actually shows you pups in their database that have a percentage of relation to your own dog, I thought that was pretty cool!

  2. Darren says:

    I think it’s a good idea to checkout your pups DNA and not just for health reasons but also to see what it’s made up of if your pup is a cross breed.  

    Each dog has its own unique characteristics and personality however they also have breed characteristics so that can be handy to know as well. 

    1. admin says:

      You are correct, breed identification can truly help identify specific characteristics your dog has. This can lead to better of understanding of behavior problems and how to train. 

  3. Fleur Allen says:

    Alisha this is a great article, I am a pet lover, we have 2 kittens at the moment and beginning to think about getting a dog again. What I found most helpful about this article is you beginning it with an explanation to the question ‘Why Do I need to know?’ As that was exactly what I was thinking. I am like you, I will deal with what my pets give me and love them anyway. But as you say, why not be more informed, it really is a case of you don’t know what you don’t know. Do you know if there are similar tests for cats?

    1. admin says:

      I appreciate this, thank you!! You are absolutely right, the amount of things we can learn about our pets is progressing drastically. After a little research, I found that there are some places that offer cat DNA tests but this is relatively new. Knowing that and knowing that cats known as our domestic long, medium and short haired are actually cross bred for generation and generations, (kinda like “mutt” cats), I find it hard to believe that the brand new tests will be very accurate but I will absolutely keep an eye out.

  4. Hugo says:

    This is an interesting subject.  Like you, I never would have considered doing a DNA test for my dog, but after reading your article I’m having second thoughts.  I have female pit bull that I’ve been considering whether to mate her for puppies, and I guess that knowing a bit about any potential issues would come in handy.Thanks for the article; well worth digging deeper.

    1. admin says:

      I am very glad that I can bring this to your attention. Especially when researching about and how to breed, knowing their health risks leads to responsible breeding. Thank you for reading!

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