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Dog DNA Test Reviews: Discover what your Mighty Mutt is Made of!


Hello all! I will be reviewing two of the top dog DNA test kits! The advanced technology and research both DNA tests use, as well as the customer reviews and feedback are why I consider them the top two best kits to discover what your mighty mutt is made of! Product: Wisdom Panel Health¬† ¬† […]

5 Great Dog Grooming Tips and Steps!

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How Well Is Your Dog Groomed? The reason you should groom your pup is simple – your dog’s physical state influences the way he feels and the way you look at your dog! In extreme cases, lack of proper care, cleaning and grooming can directly affect the behavior of your dog. Proper grooming not only […]

Basics of Dog Training: Essential for Behavior Modification

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Basics of Dog Training It’s essential for Dog parents like you to know certain basic factors that determine your relationship with your Dog and can go a long way in training him effectively. Before you begin training your Dog, it is absolutely essential that you build a loving bond with him. This is important as […]

How to help your ANXIOUS dog adjust to a new home?


So, you are’re moving! How EXCITING is that!? New home, new start, building up in your life and maybe even looking for your forever home. Unfortunately this excitement can fade quickly when faced with the stresses of moving. Time-frames, trying to pack, moving and paying for two different places, all while trying to find the […]

Adaptil Dog Collar Review: What’s The Difference?


Product: Adaptil Dog Collar Price: $13.30 (with autoship) Cheapest place to buy: Frequency: Pheromone levels drop at ~30 days, replace collar monthly So, What IS D.A.P.? When I talk about calming collars to our clients, they most often bring up Adaptil products. Lots of people know about the brand Adaptil but they do not […]

How to Choose a “Good” Dog Collar


We have all been in front of that intimidating, seemingly endless shelf of leashes, collars and harnesses at the pet store. With not just every color possible but different styles too, how do you decide what’s best for your best friend? My head is already spinning thinking of all the different collars and harnesses I […]

5 Natural Ways to Reduce Anxiety in Dogs

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While treating anxiety in dogs may involve the use of medication, there are also natural ways to reduce anxiety in dogs. Your veterinarian should determine if medications are appropriate and necessary for your pup in order to aid in reducing anxiety. This article is not meant to support nor does it insinuate that these natural […]

Crate Training a Puppy: Benefits and How To’s

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It is important to keep an open mind when crate training a puppy; maintaining patience is key! Sometimes you have to get creative and think outside of the box. I am here to give you a few ideas on how to crate train as well as the benefits to crate training your puppy and while […]

How to Reduce Separation Anxiety in Your Dog

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When we think of our companion animals today, it’s hard to believe some people thought they did not have feelings. It boggles my mind to run into people who still feel this way! Our canines are extremely intuitive creatures; seeming to know what will happen long before it does. Well, we know our furry best […]

About My Calm Pup

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  Hello everyone and welcome to My Calm Pup! Here I will provide vital information to help you recognize what anxiety looks like in your pup as well as provide a multitude of resources that help reduce anxiety and the associated behaviors. My Story I am a recent graduate and am just getting started in […]