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Calm CaninesHello everyone and welcome to My Calm Pup! Here I will provide vital information to help you recognize what anxiety looks like in your pup as well as provide a multitude of resources that help reduce anxiety and the associated behaviors.

My Story

I am a recent graduate and am just getting started in my career as a Registered Veterinary Technician. I have loved animals my entire life and always knew i would work with them someday. Well, that day has come and I cannot begin to explain how ecstatic i am to share everything I have learned throughout school and working with some amazing veterinarians along the way!

I did not realize the amount of anxious canines until i adopted my very own anxiety dog, Ari. I adopted her from my school program that allows us to learn on live animals while simutaneously helping shelterRescued
dogs to find homes. Ari did not seem anxious at school but once i got her home, settled and happy, her insecuritiies started to arise.

I soon found out how sad and frankly, anxiety inducing it is to live with an anxious pup. My poor pup was always on high alert, almost as if she could never relax, her mind was working overtime and i could see it in her behaviors. There are a plethora of behaviors that point to anxiety that many people would not recognize as such. I am here to educate, recognizing that your bestfriend has anxiety is the first step to treatment.

I have researched mulitple ways to reduce anxiety as well as implemented many of these strategies and treatment plans with my own pup. Treating and reducing anxiety is a process that takes patience and implementing a strategy to cover all angles of the problem.

Why I Want To Help Owners And Their Bestfriend

Helping pups and owners alike is what i strive for; living with and loving an anxious canine i can understand the frustrations and feeling of helplessness.

Ari's First ChristmasSome owners deal with destructive behaviors when they go out, usually caused by separation anixety; others deal with constant barking or pacing when they are home. Both of which can change plans or even interupt daily living.This is when our frustrated owners
get anxiety, no human or animal should have to live like this.

The other side of things includes our poor anxiety-ridden dogs that are suffering tremendously and often do not have someone to speak up for them. They live with a brain that never stops working or worrying. They also have the struggle of being misunderstood. Historically, anxiety in dogs has been brushed aside and looked at as boredom or even aggression in some cases

My Ultimate Goal

My goal is to bring awareness to the amount of companion animals that suffer from anxiety! I want to offer help through education and providing reliable resources to the frustrated owners suffering along with their bestfriend.

I will help owners recognize signs of animal anxiety and help to find the best plan of action. I want to simutaneously help you help your anxious pup to achieve a calm, secure mind.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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